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Mission and vision

Amsterdam is a very diverse, cosmopolitan city, where people of no less than 175 different nationalities live and work alongside each other. Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS) perfectly reflects this eclectic diversity.

Our identity is based on typical Amsterdam character traits such as courage, ambition, creativity, hospitality and an inexhaustible spirit of enterprise.AUAS trains the professionals of tomorrow. Our graduates have open and inquisitive minds, they thrive on diversity and they possess all of the knowledge and skills required to excel in their professional field. Amsterdam is a hotbed of education and research in all conceivable areas: culture and society, trade, logistics, aviation, shipping, ICT, sport, health care, education and many, many more. We take full advantage of this wealth of opportunities in order to provide the best possible education and produce cutting-edge research.

Practically oriented research is an important component of the educational programmes offered by AUAS, each of which relates to one or more research disciplines. Our research always addresses a real-world problem from the professional field, and we conduct it in close collaboration with both academics and professionals working in this particular discipline. Our close cooperation with the University of Amsterdam is particularly valuable for these purposes.

AUAS programmes offer students a clear perspective of the professional field and the working environment in which their future careers will unfold. Students gain a great deal of their knowledge from practical work, via work placements, projects, research and labs. This demands a great deal of independence, although they also receive intensive supervision throughout the programmes of their development. During this learning process, contact with lecturers, fellow students and people from their future profession is crucial, as interaction with other people is vital to education. Students participate in various groups and networks as part of the programme, both within AUAS and in the outside world. In this way, they come in contact with new ideas and opinions, and they learn to approach problems from a variety of perspectives. After all, Amsterdam may be a world in itself, but there is more to the world than just Amsterdam.

Published by  Communication 13 March 2015