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Amsterdam eWeek 2016 - Retail Innovation symposium

Join the Amsterdam eWeek and learn about new innovative retail technologies and business models


New innovative technologies and business models are a continuous challenge for online stores and physical retail outlets. Beacons, apps, big data applications, social media tools, augmented reality and virtual mirrors offer new opportunities to find and serve customers.

But how can one apply these forms of technology effectively? Showrooms, pick-up points, mobile commerce, omnichannel retailing, and subscription commerce are on the rise. But what do these business developments mean for companies? The Retail Innovation symposium will provide you with answers.

On Wednesday 5 October from 12:30-18:30 (free entrance) the Amsterdam School of International Business (AMSIB) hosts the Retail Innovation symposium, one of the symposia of the Amsterdam eWeek 2016. Speakers from leading retail-oriented organisations such as Zalando, Samsung and IceMobile, will share the most recent insights on online business, media, marketing and technology with you at location Kohnstammhuis.

The symposium is organised by Dr. Selmar Meents (Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences) and Dr. Tibert Verhagen (Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences) in cooperation with the Centre of Applied Research on Economics and Management (CAREM).

Read on about the programme, the speakers at the symposium and Amsterdam eWeek 2016.

12:00 - 12:45 Admittance

12:45 - 13:00 Opening by Dr. Tibert Verhagen (Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences)

13:00 - 13:45 Presentation (Influence of virtual reality on retail experience) by Prof. Dr. Kimo Quaintance (IQ Gemini)

13:45 - 14:30 Presentation (Impact of visuals in social media messages) by Prof. Dr. Willemijn van Dolen (Amsterdam Business School)

14:30 - 15:00 Break

15:00 - 15:45 Presentation (Product technology and IoT) by Olle Moberg (Samsung)

15:45 - 16:30 Presentation (Zalando: from start-up to grown-up) by Ken Fontijn (Zalando)

16:30 - 17:15 Presentation (IceMobile helping retailers build one-on-one relationships with consumers) by Karlijn van den Berg (IceMobile)

17:15 - 18:30 Drinks

The symposium takes places at location Kohnstammhuis (Amsterdam Univeristy of Applied Sciences)


Ken Fontijn (Country Manager Benelux, Zalando SE)

Ken has always worked in e-commerce, primarily at Coolblue, where he worked for 7 years. As Country Manager at Zalando he is now responsible for the business strategy in the Benelux. With his team in Berlin he focuses on developing the localized marketing, assortment and service propositions. To maximize customer satisfaction and commercial growth, it is his job to get the right people on the bus, boost engagement and empower his team.

Find out about Zalandos success story growing from 2 to 10,000 employees and learn more about how we achieved this with our localized marketing approach in our 15 markets. Zalando is a story that connects young professionals: infused with great passion and business instinct, we created a pure-play online fashion leader that delivers fashion to millions of European customers today.


Olle Moberg (Nordic Ecommerce Manager)

Olle Moberg worked within online sales and marketing for the past 15 years. Starting as an entrepreneur before joining the leading Nordic pure player. For the past 2 years heading up and developing Samsungs online sales in the Nordics.

Olle Moberg will talk about the development of the smart home, IoT and some of Samsung’s latest products. He will ask the question if product categories are becoming obsolete when we more and more sell solutions. How should this affect the way how we set up our shop, offers and content? Olle also touch upon how actors of the market, need to work closer together and be more open to collaborations in order to succeed and provide better consumer journeys. He will present the penetration and development of eCommerce in the Nordic market.


Karlijn van den Berg (Product Director)

Karlijn van den Berg has over 14 years of experience in translating customers needs into creative, strategic and innovative concepts for brands like Albert Heijn, Jumbo, Philips, KLM and Aegon. As Product Director of IceMobile she is responsible for the strategy and user experience behind IceMobile's products and services, while overseeing brand, marketing, innovation and data insights of clients.

Karlijn will explain how IceMobile helps retailers built one on one relationships with their consumers at mass scale. IceMobile uniquely operates at the magical intersection of design, data and technology to deliver their services and solutions in loyalty and high frequency retail. The culture is key for the success and joy as to do epic things is their promise to the world and themselves.

IQ Gemini

Prof. Dr. Kimo Quaintance (Co‐founder & Education Strategist, IQ Gemini)

Prof. Dr. Kimo Quaintance is a university lecturer at the George C. Marshall Center and co- founder of IQ Gemini, a mission-oriented innovation consultancy based in Munich. IQ Gemini inspires, connects, and empowers its clients to engage with emerging technology to create lasting transformational value. He is a two-time Emmy Award-winning broadcast engineer, and has been researching the psychological impact of virtual reality for the past 5 years.

Life on the Frontier: bringing Virtual Reality to the Market. Virtual Reality has been seriously researched in universities for more than 40 years, but is only now starting to come to the mass market. Why are so many people excited about VR, and how is it bringing innovation to the retail experience?

Amsterdam Business School

Prof. Dr. Willemijn van Dolen (Professor of Marketing)

Willemijn is a professor of Marketing at the Amsterdam Business School (UvA). She is also the Director Corporate Relations for the University of Amsterdam. Her research focuses on Consumer Online Communication, Social Media, Corporate Social Responsibility, and Online child-helpseeking Behavior. Willemijn has an MSc. in Organization Psychology from the University of Groningen (1996) and a PhD from the Maastricht University (2002).

Willemijn will discuss how specific aspects featured in pictures (like brand centrality, emotional, social and functional content) drives the popularity of a post. The popularity of picture-based social media has grown faster than text-based. Marketers are faced with the challenge to integrate consumer-generated visual media into their brand strategy. Surprisingly little is known about the impact of messages in which visual content is dominant.

Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

Dr. Tibert Verhagen (Associate Professor E-Business)

Tibert Verhagen has a PhD degree in online consumer behavior from VU University Amsterdam. His doctoral dissertation Towards Understanding Online Purchase Behavior was amongst the first to address how web-based technology influences the online consumer. Tibert has been engaged in several e-business startups like Scanyours.com full-service internet company, and SYNQ, an official spin-off of the VU University specialized in positioning the websites of large-scale industry players.

Currently, Tibert is working as associate professor e-business at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. His research centers on how emerging forms of technology can be used to attract, serve, and retain customers in both online and online store settings.

The Amsterdam eWeek is an Emerce initiative in close cooperation with several participants, sponsors and the City of Amsterdam. The goal of Amsterdam eWeek is to provide a platform for national and international companies that focus on online marketing, media and technology and for business managers and entrepreneurs who use them, whether it comes to retail, healthcare, finance, game industry or media.

The latest developments and trends in digital marketing, media, e-business, e-commerce, online development and online technology will be discussed, the best practices will be presented, experiences can be exchanged and the corporate network can be increased.

The Amsterdam eWeek starts on Monday the 3rd of October 2016. During the week throughout the city a range of conferences, workshops, walk-ins, dinners, networking events, meet-ups and parties will be organized. Including Emerce eDay, the Facebook Conference, eRetail Europe, eNight.

Source: http://www.amsterdameweek.com/about/

Published by  Amsterdam School of International Business 29 September 2016