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Safety Leadership Seminar

With Prof. Dr. Sidney Dekker

The Aviation Academy of the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences is proud to present a one-day seminar on Safety Leadership. In this event Sidney Dekker, professor and well-known publicist in the field of Human Factors and Safety, and Robert J. de Boer, professor at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences will guide you towards a proactive approach to safety that simultaneously improves the performance of your organization. In this inspiring, thought-provoking and demanding seminar you will be confronted with your own preconceptions about safety, accountability and retribution.

During this seminar, we will address:

·        The fallacy of human error
·        The value of Work-as-Done and Work-as-Imagined
·        The ten steps to safety leadership
·        What if things go wrong: learning from incidents and restorative justice

The program concludes with networking drinks.

Sidney Dekker (PhD, Ohio State University, USA, 1996) is a professor at Griffith University in Brisbane, Australia, where he leads the Safety Science Innovation Lab. He is also professor (Hon.) Of Psychology at the University of Queensland, and professor (Hon.) Of Human Factors and patient safety at the Royal Children's Hospital in Brisbane. He has flown alongside his job at the university as a co-pilot on the 737 and now actively practices acrobatic gliding.

He is worldwide known for his groundbreaking work in Human Factors and Security and is the author of many books in this field such as: Second Victim (2013), Just Culture (2012), Drift into Failure (2011), Patient Safety (2011), and Safety Differently (2014). His latest book is The End of Heaven: Disaster and Suffering in a Scientific Age (2017). More information: www.sidneydekker.com.

Robert J. de Boer (PhD Delft University of Technology, 2012) has been a professor in Aviation Engineering at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences since 2009. Previously he gave guidance to professionals in various line management roles. He was head of engineering at Fokker Technologies and production manager at Unilever. He is an aviation engineer and has done his PhD research on cooperation in technical teams. His current scientific interest is focused on safety and process improvements in socio-technical environments. He often publishes in scientific journals. For a complete list see www.amsterdamuas.com/aviation.

This master class is highly interactive and therefore the number of participants is limited to 30. Theory and reflection on your own practice are interwoven.

This seminar is particularly aimed at managers and board members in safety-sensitive industries such as health care, transport, defense, chemistry and nuclear energy. Supervisors and representatives of the government are also welcome to participate.

Date: January 25, 2019
Time: 9:00 AM – 4:30 PM followed by a networking event
Location: Near Utrecht, the Netherlands
Lunch, coffee, tea and drinks afterwards will be included.

Full registration fee: €790 (VAT exempt)
Early-bird registration fee is €710. The early-bird fee applies to registrations made up to 21 October 2018. Aviation Academy Alumni, RAAK PRO Partners, EAAP and NAG members can register with early-bird fee (equivalent with 10% discount) during the entirely registration period. 

Should you have any further question please contact mrs. Gieta Inderdjiet:
E: g.m.inderdjiet@hva.nl
T: +31 (0)20 595 1361 

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Published by  Centre for Applied Research Technology 14 August 2018