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Honours Programmes

The Aviation Academy offers honours programmes for excellent students who seek for a more challenging final year. An honours programme at the Aviation Academy is about 25% more difficult than other fourth year study programmes, and is open to a maximum of only 15 students each year.

In order to start an honours programme, you will have to be selected through an application and assessment process. In order to complete the programme, you will have to be dedicated to and prepared for hard work, sometimes stretching beyond regular university hours. In return you will receive the opportunity to boost your personal development as aviation professional by means of taking on challenging subjects and projects, and by working closely with a small group of highly motivated students. There are two honours programmes, starting in September each year.

Honours programme Aviation Engineering

The programme is taught in English and fully focuses on the competence development of students. After this programme you will write your graduation thesis.This program focuses on the following focal areas in the first half year:

  • Human Factors & Safety
  • Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO)
    • Data Mining in MRO
    • Advanced Maintenance Technologies 

Within this honours programme you develop your research abilities and strengthen your theoretical knowlegde on the topics of the focal areas. 

Honours programme Aviation Management

Within this international graduation program of half a year you learn how to manage airports and airlines and everything coming with it. The programme is taught in English and fully focuses on the competence development of students. After this programme you will write your graduation thesis.

Once you have finished the full programme, including graduation, you'll be an attractive candidate for airports, airlines, government and other organisations.

Is this for me?

These programmes are developed especially for those who want to go that one extra mile, expand their knowledge and are seeking for an extra challenge. The programmes deviate from the general fourth year curriculum and gives you extra opportunities in gaining new knowlegde. This is, amongst others, taught by internal and external lecturers.

How do I apply?

Apply before the 1st of March

  • By sending a motivation letter*, resumé and a list of grades to John Verbeek j.p.j.e.a.verbeek@hva.nl.
  • For exchange students from outside the Netherlands, please include the housing and Erasmus form. (See the International Office page)
  • Students from Aviation, E-tech, ED&I and TBK can apply for the program, approval by exam committee is required.
  • All previous years have to be completed with exception of max. 5 ECTS.


  • Based on your application letter you are invited for an interview.
  • Year 1-2 finished with results that are above average
  • Extra curricular activities
  • The Procedure for Aviation Management has a final selection in the form of a group assessment.
  • The final decision on participation is made by the exam committee Aviation Academy.
  • There is a maximum of 15 students for both programmes.
  • Aviation students should also subscribe in a regular fourth year programme
  • For E-Tech and ED&I students it is advised to also apply for a minor program in case they are not selected for the honours program. Admission will be announced in the first week of June.

* Your motivation letter, 1 A4 maximum, should at least cover the following: your reason to apply for one of the Aviation Honours programmes, what you would like to learn, what you can contribute to the program, your ability to work in a team. 


For all practical exchange information please see this page. 

Application for international students are the same as for Dutch students, see above. Please include the housing and Erasmus form when you apply for one of the programs. 

Published by  Centre for Applied Research Technology 25 January 2018