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The aviation industry worldwide is expecting tremendous growth for the next 20 years. Passenger traffic continues to grow at or above trend. In the meantime, the capacities at airports, airspace and environment are already limited and there are no signs that capacity at airports or in the skies will substantially increase in the next 25 years.

Industry challenges

The challenge for the aviation industry is to optimize the capacity utilization within strict limitations. Despite the continuous growth, the airline margins are constantly under pressure, and meanwhile, the community at large requires safe, secure, affordable and environmental neutral travel. Further improvement in operations requires more intense collaboration and alignment of procedures between the actors in the industry.

Also, radical changes in the MRO business are foreseen, where data analysis, compulsory safety management systems, cost control in maintenance of new materials and production methodologies and variable schedules will dominate the future agenda.

Master programmes

To fulfill the needs of the aviation industry, we will soon offer two state-of-the-art Master programs:

The Master in Aviation Operations programme focuses on designing conditions for future operations given changing boundaries due to capacity developments. Our students are professionals working within the aviation sector. The assignments in the programme are related to their work practice. A successful graduate will be able to oversee the whole spectrum of aviation operations and is capable of assessing the consequences of his/her decisions, both for the operations within its own responsibility as well within the area of the other parties in the aviation chain. This will enable the student to design and adapt the operations procedures due to changing circumstances and to negotiate new deals with the partners in the chain. 

*This master is currently under construction!* - please state your interest by leaving your name and emailaddress and we will contact you as soon as we have more information.

For more information about the Professional Master programs, enrolment and admission, please contact Kostantinos Stamoulis via k.stamoulis@hva.nl


Published by  Centre for Applied Research Technology 9 August 2018