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GARS Junior Researchers' Workshop


In cooperation with the Aviation Academy of the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences and Airneth, the University of Applied Sciences Bremen is happy to host the annual GARS student research workshop in Amsterdam. We are also pleased to announce that we will offer a newly designed prize for the best paper. The winner will receive the European Price in Aviation Economics and Management at the 6th European Aviation Conference 13 and 14 Nov 2017, Dublin, Ireland. This time we plan to have a session on aviation in Africa. Therefore papers and posters on this topic are welcome.


Crises in Aviation, Expansion and Evolution of Low Cost Carriers, Slots, Airport and Airway Congestion, Sustainability, Liberalization and Privatisation… The list of hot topics in aviation is long and is attracting a growing number of students whose primary research interest is in aviation. Often these researchers lack contact with other students in their field of research. GARS invites all Bachelor, Master, Diploma or PhD students to present their work in the second workshop on research in aviation. The research seminar is open to all topics in the field of aviation economics and management. Interdisciplinary research is encouraged. A senior researcher will be selected to provide two to four pages of written comments on student papers which are submitted by the due date. As research is always work in progress, we encourage people to present their work at any stage. This will provide valuable feedback as well as opportunities for new sources of information.


A discussant will be drawn from a group of people, subject to availability. This list of people can be downloaded here.


Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, Location: Leeuwenburg.
Adress: Weesperzijde 190, 1097 DZ Amsterdam, Room D1.18 - Auditorium.

Metro station: Amsterdam Amstel, metrolines: 51, 53 and 54 from central station.

Train station: Amsterdam Amstel, direct lines from central station. From Schiphol, train to 'Amsterdam Zuid' and switch to metro line 51 (direction Centraal Station) to Amsterdam Amstel.

Paper Proposals

Please send

  1. an expression of interest in presenting
  2. an abstract (no more than one page)
  3. a brief statement of your research e.g. conceptual development, data gathering, analysing data or theoretical results, final writing up
  4. is there any person you would particularly like or not like to comment on your work

Submit no later than May 30th 2017 as pdf- or Word-file. Information on acceptance will be provided within two days after submitting. The paper should not be longer than 6000 words. The full draft of the paper is due by June 20th 2017.

For those who are in an early phase of their work, please note the enclosed call for poster session.

Submit proposal to Shravan Kumar: shravana.kumar67@gmail.com


The workshop is free of charge, but registration is mandatory. To register for the workshop please click the button below on this page. 


For further information please contact Hans-Martin Niemeier at Hans-Martin.Niemeier@hs-bremen.de or ++49-40-8119377. For information regarding facilities and practical issues, please contact Viktoria Balla-Kamper at v.balla-kamper@hva.nl or + 31 6 211 57720. For updates visit http://www.garsonline.de.

Published by  Centre for Applied Research Technology 20 February 2017