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Environment and Health (in formation)

The environment in which people live influences their behaviour, lifestyle and health. Factors such as noise pollution and litter reduce the enjoyment of life and can be harmful to health. Good social cohesion and green spaces promote good health. How can we ensure that people live healthily in their neighbourhoods? This is what AUAS’s Environment and Health (under establishment) research group investigates in cooperation with the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM).

The Environment and Health research group consists of two research lines: Urban Health and People and Places. The Urban Health research line focuses on the influence of the urban environment on its inhabitants. Many vulnerable groups, such as those with a low level of education, the elderly or people with migrant backgrounds, living in urban residential environments are less healthy than other groups. Reducing (socioeconomic) health inequalities is a particular area of interest to the research group.

People and Places

The experience and vision of local residents is central to the People and Places research line. How can local residents actively improve their environment? Together with interested residents, the research group comes up with innovative ways of working towards a healthy neighbourhood.

Ms  Dr. J.M. den Broeder (Lea)

Lea den Broeder

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