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The Power of Sports

Sport and exercise contribute to a healthy, lively society. Unfortunately, many people in the Netherlands don’t exercise at all, or too little. This is particularly true for vulnerable groups such as the persons with disabilities or children from financially disadvantaged families. What are the problems these people encounter? How can they be encouraged to get more exercise? These questions are being looked into by the Power of Sports research group.

Sports participation

The Power of Sports research group consists of two lines of research: Sports Participation and Adapted Sports. The Sports Participation research line seeks to demonstrate the importance of participating in sports to people in the Netherlands and stimulate them to exercise (more). For example, the research group investigates whether the use of online apps can have a positive effect on the sports behaviour, lifestyle and health of residents of Amsterdam.

Adapted Sports

The Adapted Sports research line is geared to increasing sports participation among vulnerable groups. The research group researches whether the range of sports currently on offer matches the wishes and requirements of people with disabilities. Researchers also examine the effect of participation in sports on self-confidence and health.

The Power of Sports research group is a cooperation between Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences and Inholland University of Applied Sciences.

Ms  dr. M. Deutekom (Marije)

Marije Deutekom

Lector Kracht van Sport

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