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Collegecafé Scholars at Risk

Featuring Ella de Lange (UAF) and Nour Munawar (UvA doctoral candidate)


CollegeCafé (Lecture Café) on scholars at risk in the Netherlands, in collaboration with the Foundation for Refugee Students (UAF), a foundation providing highly skilled refugees with support regarding study and work.

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Across the world scholars receive death threats due to their ideas, research and position in society. They pose critical questions. This can be threatening to authorities or factions that derive power from controlling information and what people think. What precisely does it entail to be a scholar threatened because of your ideas, research and position in society?  

In the CollegeCafé featuring Ella de Lange, Scholars at Risk Programme Coordinator at UAF, and Nour Munawar, doctoral candidate at the University of Amsterdam (UvA), the question is addressed of how as a scholar at risk you can continue your work in an entirely other country and ensure that your work is able to continue to contribute to your country of origin despite not being there.

During the concluding discussion there will be every opportunity to ask questions. The event will wrap up with drinks.

Feel free to attend.

Like all FLOOR events, admission to the CollegeCafé Scholars at Risk is free of charge. Register to be certain of a place!

About Students that Matter

The CollegeCafé Scholars at Risk is being organised as part of Students that Matter, a collaboration between the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS) and UAF. The Foundation for Refugee Students (UAF) encourages the integration of refugees via study and work.

Read an article about the life of Nour Munawar.

Published by  Floor 13 February 2017