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Digital Society School Launch

HvA meets Forbes Under 30 Summit


How do we intergrate technology into society, in a meaningful way? The integration of technology in society will be off to a flying start with the launch of the HvA Digital Society School. Explore with us how we can have impact on business and society, by integrating technology in our lives!


Changemakers, Transformation Designers, Creatives, Techies and all others who believe they can contribute to a meaningful integration of technology in society. Why wait until the tech that shapes our future is a given? Instead, let’s work on ideas to successfully integrate digital technology in our lives and society today.

Digital Society School

At Digital Society School we invite you to direct your interests, knowledge and effort towards building a digital society. Because we believe that it can -and should- be inclusive, intelligent, and involve us all. In the afternoon we will organise various pre-events with Forbes 30 Under 30 where we zoom in on the impact of technology on the Sustainable Development Goals in various vibrant venues at the Knowledge Mile. 


Pre-Events: 13:00-15:30 (TBC) (30 spots per location)

Volkshotel: Digital to Physical
How does the blend of the digital and physical worlds changes our society? We explore topics such as physical representation of data, sense of presence and smart objects. Mixed Realities (VR/AR) For Sustainable Development Goals

Data Driven Transformation 
How can we ensure we marshal data in such a way as to benefit society? We explore the possibilities, considering subjects such as the energy transition, health & wellbeing . Artificial Intelligence for Sustainable Development Goals

Student Hotel: Global Goals Expert Session
During this Expert Session local and international designers, companies and professionals shared their Best Practices on designing with and for Global Goals. explore with us how we can have impact on business and society, by integrating technology in our lives!

Official Launch and Drinks: 16.00 - Sunset
Location: Studio Hva. Wibauthof 1. 

Forbes Under 30 Summit

This event is a part of the Forbes Under 30 Summit. For the first time, Forbes will convene 300 game changers and entrepreneurs at the U30 Summit Europe in Amsterdam.  Over the course of three days, Forbes will bring the most creative and accomplished young list members together from across the continent for inspiring programming led by the world’s leading business minds, evening and daytime excursions that will immerse attendees in Dutch culture, and unparalleled networking opportunities. 


For anyone who feels strongly about the combination of tech, design and society for a better world share a toast on this festive occasion! Please sign up here.

Published by  Communication 9 August 2018