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Play and Civic Media

The research group Play and Civic Media (formerly known as Games & Play) at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences researches the design and uses of play and games for social innovation. In particular, we focus on the use of applied games and game applications that enhance participation, social cohesion, group dynamics and empowerment.

Innovations within the gaming industry are strongly dependent on the evaluation and further development of game design and technology. The primary focuses of the research are:

  • Research into the design and effectiveness of (persuasive) games, and the user’s game experience.
  • Design of ambient games and gaming applications as part of daily practice.
  • Hybrid game environments (real and virtual) and interfaces that fit seamlessly with the user (tangible interfaces).
  • Design tools, Artificial Intelligence and Adaptive Games.

Our group’s playground is mainly the modern city itself – where users come together (digitally) to play, design or participate in group processes related to areas such as education, healthcare, decision-making and social debate (Play the City).

We experiment with the design of games and interactive playing environments that demand a direct and functional interaction with the users. These experiments may involve game design, (intelligent) toys, tangible objects, textiles, public installations, etc.

Photographer: Daniel Cohen

A student from the HvA MediaLAB Amsterdam tries Oculus Rift. Foto: Daniel Cohen

Published by  CREATE-IT Applied Research 28 July 2015

Mr  Dr. B.A.M. Schouten (Ben)


Lector Play and Civic Media

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