Like most Dutch universities, the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences/Hogeschool van Amsterdam (AUAS/HvA), does not have a campus, and the demand for student housing in Amsterdam is very high.

It is a challenge to find suitable accommodation, and therefore it is important to arrange your accommodation as soon as possible.

To assist international students in finding appropriate accommodation, the AUAS/HvA cooperates with the housing corporations De Key, DUWO and Ymere. These corporations offer Short Stay furnished accommodation to students for one or two semesters only. The rent for these rooms varies from € 1950 to € 3000 per semester (5 months) depending on room type.

Room types include private rooms with shared facilities, private rooms with private facilities and some shared rooms, in which one living space is shared between two students (of the same sex).

Please note that individual students cannot apply for rooms themselves, but must be put forward by their AUAS/HvA school .

Planning to Study For More Than One Year?

The AUAS/HvA only provides accommodation for international students for a maximum period of one year. If you are planning on staying in Amsterdam for longer than a year, we strongly advise you to register at the Dutch student housing website www.studentenwoningweb.nl at the beginning of your stay.

Registration at this website could provide you with a student room when the AUAS/HvA can no longer provide you with accommodation.

Published by  Student Services 12 January 2015