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AMFI - Amsterdam Fashion Institute (English programme)

Fashion and Textile Technologies. Bachelor's, full-time

Fashion is a serious business. The façade of luxury and glamour conceals a branch of industry in which there is plenty of hard work going on and where enormous financial interests are at stake. Are you creative, intelligent and do you have a passion for fashion? And are you willing to work hard? AMFI offers you a full-time, four-year Bachelor degree programme which forms a good basis for a successful career in the fashion industry. AMFI provides the only higher education in the Netherlands that teaches all facets of the fashion industry. You will graduate with a Bachelor's degree in Fashion & Textile Technologies.

The study is divided into three programme specialisations. After completing the foundation programme, students choose to specialise in one of the following: Fashion & Design, Fashion & Management or Fashion & Branding.

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The average study load at AMFI is about 40 hours a week, with occasional peaks above this average. Lessons are given between 8.30 and 18.30. There may be an occasional class in the evening.

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Within Fashion & Design, Fashion & Management and Fashion & Branding, all possible professions in the fashion industry for which a bachelor's degree is a requirement are covered. Attending an AMFI programme is an ideal preparation for the job market in the fashion industry. See Programme for more information on career paths for each graduation specialisation.

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To be eligible to apply to AMFI your qualifications must be equivalent to the Dutch entrance requirements. Nuffic (Netherlands University Foundation for International Cooperation) assesses and evaluates foreign diplomas. You should have completed secondary education to university entrance level.

You can enrol for the 2017–2018 academic year from 1 October 2016 to 15 January 2017 at the latest, by completing the step-by-step plan. In view of the high level of interest in this degree programme, the number of available places will be limited, namely 400 (enrolment quota). Following your enrolment request, AMFI will invite you to the selection.

AMFI - Amsterdam Fashion Institute - main hallway

Housed in what was once an Amstel Brewery, AMFI's building has many original historical details.

Open day

Two students Loïs Van Der Wildt (International Fashion & Branding) and Precilla Sedney (Fashion & Management) interviewed several guests at one of our open days about why they're interested in studying fashion with us in Amsterdam. Watch the video below.

More information about the Open Days.

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