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Bring in design challenges

The Master welcomes tough 21st-century design challenges and industry participants to join in the learning process. The design challenges serve as input for the backbone of the Master: the three consecutive projects.


 Assessment focus



 Contribution *

 Home  project





 School  project

 Team/ individual




 World  project

 Individual  work/




* The gross financial contribution (in Euro) for an organisation whose briefing is selected.

Home Project

The 'Home project' is a first assignment of 6 weeks (2 sprints). Its complexity is low, and the design challenge pertains a single well-defined stakeholder. Its main focus is on the group dynamics within the design team, and the students are provided with examples of the desired outcomes (e.g. very similar apps already exist).

School Project

The 'School project' is a second assignment of 12 weeks (4 sprints). The level of complexity is higher, with a broader scope and up to four stakeholders involved. This kind of project requires some preliminary research and strategic planning, as well as some tradeoffs with the stakeholders involved. The desired outcome is within existing design conventions (e.g. a wearable fitness monitor), but students are asked to bring a new perspective on it.

World Project

The 'World project' is a final assignment of 20 weeks (5 sprints), lasting the whole second semester. It also serves as the final graduation project of the Master's programme. It is a complex project, dealing with a real-world 'wicked problem' with multiple stakeholders and a complex societal context. Significant research, strategic planning and crafting are needed to complete it. Students need to make difficult design decisions to address the tradeoffs that are implicit in this project. The desired outcome is free, and students are encouraged to be original and look outside existing design conventions.

Seriously interested? Contact Paul Geurts to co-create a design challenge for our students.

Published by  Faculty of Digital Media and Creative Industries 1 September 2017