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Casey Fuchs



Fuchs shares details about his study career at AMFI.

A good mix of skills is crucial to finding a job in this very competitive industry.

Graduate - International Fashion & Branding

‘Before starting at AMFI I did an internship in New York. I wanted to study design at first but quickly learned that I was much more interested in finding out how the label I worked for was perceived by consumers and what could be done to enhance the overall brand image. When I returned to Germany I heard people talking about AMFI’s International Fashion & Branding programme, offering study choices that matched my newfound interests.

The combination of all the different courses at AMFI did it for me. The Fashion & Visual Culture minor for example enabled me to look at photography differently and added another dimension to how I perceive film. Other more graphic design-related courses have made me more sensitive towards the use of typography, logos and how to work with software such as InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator.

For my graduation project I created a city guide about Beirut for a German travel inspired streetwear brand. I wanted to combine my passion for travelling, upper segment streetwear and craftsmanship into one product and ended up with a complete, handmade guide. To make the final product as authentic as possible I even travelled to Beirut to dive into the culture and lifestyle of locals, visit galleries, nightclubs, restaurants and historical places.

I currently work as an Art Director at BAM, an agency based in Berlin that brings together brands and visionary networks. We enable our clients to interact with the right people from various playgrounds such as fashion, music, art, media and sub-culture by creating custom-made content. I create visual design concepts for possible product collaborations with other brands. I also take care of our agency’s communication identity, making sure all our presentations, pitches etc. are in line with our visual identity.

The demands of the study programme at AMFI were high and I have had some difficult moments but looking back I’m happy with how I’ve grown over the past four years. Now that I’m working full-time I can say that a mix of different skills is crucial to finding a job in this very competitive industry. These days it’s not enough to just be good at doing one thing, especially in an agency environment where different clients demand different things. That is exactly what AMFI offered me.’