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Regular opening hours building and reception desk 

Monday and Wednesday

7:30 - 22:30

Tuesday and Thursday

7:30 - 20:00


7:30 - 18:00

Opening hours / holiday closing april - june 2019

19 april  Closed
21 april and 22 april  Closed
29 april to 3 may Regular
30 and 31 may Closed
9 and 10 june  Closed

Building accessibility

The main entrance (revolving door) to the Leeuwenburg building features wheelchair access. For more information, see Accessibility of AUAS buildings.

Please note: enter 'Amstelplein 5' into your navigation system to set a course for the parking garage underneath the Leeuwenburg building.

Parking spaces for wheelchair users

There is a parking garage underneath the Leeuwenburg building. A number of spaces are reserved for wheelchair users. The building can be accessed by lift directly from the parking garage. For more information, see Parking

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