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In this section you can find frequently asked questions regarding the immigration procedure for international students. The questions are categorized under three specific groups of international students; incoming students, current AUAS students and for students that (almost) finished their study/ exchange at AUAS. Please click on the questions below to see the answers.

Students attending a study programme longer than three months with the nationality of one of the EU/EEA countries, Switzerland, the USA, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Japan, Vatican City, Monaco or South Korea, do not need an MVV (entry visa). All international students with other nationalities than the above mentioned do need an MVV.

All non-EU/EEA or Swiss citizens attending a study programme longer than 3 months must have a VVR (residence permit). Without a VVR you cannot legally stay in the Netherlands and therefore it would not be possible to study at the AUAS.

Dutch law requires that the institute where you will follow your study programme applies for your MVV and/or VVR, you cannot do this yourself. Once you have been accepted as a regular degree student or as an exchange student, you will receive an email from AUAS’ Immigration Affairs with all the information needed to finalise the immigration procedure. In this e-mail you will find the required documents and payment(s).

  • The deadline for September 2016 entry is June 15.
  • The deadline for February 2017 entry is December 1.

All your documents and payment should be received before this date. If something is missing we cannot apply for your MVV and/or VVR and as a consequence you will not be able to start your studies.

All Chinese nationals (People’s Republic of China) have to get a Nuffic Certificate to be eligible for a MVV and enrol in an English-taught study programme. This does not apply to nationals from Hong Kong (SAR), Macau (SAR) and Taiwan (ROC). The whole procedure can take up to two months. Nuffic will send the certificate directly to the AUAS’ Immigration Affairs. A Nuffic certificate is the only document which we allow to arrive later then the deadline.

Registration Link:  Nuffic certificate

For more information contact Nuffic directly at:  Nuffic contact form or telephone: 31 70 4 260 260

An original (legalised) birth certificate needs to be arranged. Birth certificates in the languages English, French, German, Spanish and Dutch will be accepted. We urge you to check with the Dutch Embassy in your home country for the exact procedure you need to undertake when legalising your birth certificate as sometimes this can take a few months to arrange. Not all municipalities will ask this birth certificate, but we highly recommend to arrange this beforehand. It is your own responsibility if you do not have one with you and cannot register at the municipality.

More information can be found on the following site under “legalization of documents:”


Due to the large amount of documents and payments AUAS’ Immigration Affairs receives every day, we cannot confirm receipt of all that comes in. If something is wrong or if there are any documents missing, we will send you an e-mail about it. We will let you know once we have received all requirements and update you regarding your immigration status.

It will take approximately two to five weeks.

Unfortunately we cannot do anything to speed up your procedure with the IND. We have to wait for their decision. We will contact the IND for further information, if it takes longer than five weeks.

The IND simply cannot decide upon all applications at the same time, so not all the approvals can be given at the same time. We will contact the IND after five weeks if there is still no approval.

We recommend that you wait to book your flight until you have finalised the MVV procedure. If you want to make a booking before that, please ensure you have the option of cancelling or changing the date of your flight without any charges.

The finalisation of your MVV procedure may take up to 12 working days, depending on the Dutch embassy/consulate in your country or region. For more information on this matter, contact your embassy/consulate directly.

AUAS’ Immigration Affairs will inform you by e-mail as soon as we receive the approval of your MVV from the IND. This e-mail will provide you with further details regarding finalising and picking up your MVV at the Dutch embassy or consulate.

Once you have arrived in the Netherlands we advise you to open a Dutch bank account. We will send you in the first few weeks of your study programme a refund form. After you return this form it will take between 5-15 working days before you will receive the money into your account. We cannot speed up this process, so take enough money with you to sustain yourself in the first month after arrival since the refund will take some time.

15 April 2016