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Housing Regulations

In order to provide accommodation to international students, the AUAS uses a number of regulations. This page provides an overview of the regulations that are applicable if you have been assigned a room through the AUAS.

Rental period

Rental periods for AUAS students are always fixed periods, with the maximum of one year. All students will be assigned for their period of stay. Bachelor students will automatically be assigned for two semesters. Exchange students will automatically be assigned for one or two semesters (depending on the duration of your exchange). An exception to this fixed rental period is a limited amount of non-furnished rooms which are for the total duration of the studies. Bachelor are eligible for these rooms.

The start date for the autumn semester and the summer end date are fixed:

  • 1 semester:
    from 30 January 2019 to 9 August 2019
  • 2 semesters:
    From 30 January 2019 to 27 January 2020

​It is not possible to get a reduction for late arrival or early departure. It is not possible to end your contract before the end of a semester.

If you are planning on staying in Amsterdam for longer than one year, we strongly advise you to register at the Dutch student housing website at the beginning of your stay.

Changing or cancelling rooms

You can only reserve one room. It is not possible to change rooms once you have reserved one. If you cancel your room reservation, you won’t be able to reserve another one. Changing rooms after arrival is not allowed.

You may contact your programme manager with a request to change rooms only in urgent circumstances. A reservation can be cancelled free of charge up to one month before the starting date of the lease. If the room is not cancelled on time, you will be charged the first month's rent plus administration costs.

If you want to cancel your reservation, contact both the housing corporation and your programme manager by email. When you cancel your reservation, you cannot reserve another room, and the AUAS fee will not be refunded.


If you will arrive more than seven days after the starting date of your lease, you need to notify both your programme manager and the housing corporation. Please note that if you fail to do so, the room will be given to another student and you will still be charged the first month's rent and administration costs.

Look here for more information on about what to do upon arrival. 

Published by  Student Affairs 12 October 2018

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