Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

Room reservation procedures

The AUAS has agreements with housing corporations De Key, DUWO and several other parties in order to provide furnished accommodation to international students for a maximum period of one year. The AUAS cannot guarantee housing but we will do our utmost to assist you.

Room reservation

The application procedure can take some time. After approval from the university, you will be able to search for available rooms. We advise you to check your email on a daily basis in this period and make sure that the email does not end up in your spam folder.

Finalising your reservation

After reserving a room you will need to pay the following to the housing corporation:

Administration fee

Housing corporations require tenants to pay an administration fee to cover the extra costs that are made for renting to international students and providing customized services tailored to the tenants' needs.

  • De Key:                                                             €150,00
  • DUWO:                                                             €100,00
  • Student Experience                                          No fee
  • International Campus (The Fizz-Spartaan)   €65,00
  • Campus Diemen Zuid                                    €200,00
  • Camelot (WASA Student Village)                  €200,50


Tenants at housing corporations De Key and Ymere are required to pay a deposit. This deposit is refunded at the end of your stay if you leave the room clean, tidy and without damages. Please read the information provided by the housing corporation regarding the amount charged for the deposit.

  • De Key:                                                    1 month rent
  • DUWO:                                                        No deposit
  • Student Experience                                           €1100
  • International Campus (The Fizz-Spartaan)    €1500
  • Campus Diemen Zuid                                       €1000
  • Camelot (WASA Student Village)                     €1000

First rental payment

Your room reservation will be confirmed only after the housing corporation has received your first payment. At all housing corporations, tenants need to pay the first month’s rent upon arrival.

Published by  Student Affairs 28 May 2019