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Admissions to a number of degree programmes for the 2018-2019 academic year are subject to an enrolment quota. The enrolment deadline for these programmes is no later than 15 January 2018.

These programmes will conduct selections if, on 15 January 2018, the number of enrolment applications exceeds the number of available places. Participating in the selection procedure is a good way of checking whether the programme is a good fit for you.

These degree programmes are subject to an enrolment quota, meaning that the number of students that can be admitted to these programmes has been restricted. Reasons for this may include limited job prospects, a shortage of work placements or limited facilities within the programme itself. In the event that applications exceed the number of places available, admission will be on a selective basis. The enrolment deadline for these programmes is 15 January. 

Make sure to enrol for the 2018-2019 academic year between 1 October and no later than 15 January 2018. Following your enrolment application, the degree programme will invite you to participate in the selection procedure. Refer to the specific degree programme of your choice for the selection procedure dates. Make sure to mark these dates in your calendar. Not participating in the selection procedure means you will not receive a rank number or a placement certificate, and you will not be able to start the degree programme in September.  

The selection procedure varies per degree programme, but on the whole comprises the following:

  • an online questionnaire
  • a homework assignment
  • a lecture
  • a practical assignment
  • and at least two tests 

You will also have an opportunity to get to know your future fellow students and lecturers. Refer to the specific degree programme of your choice for the exact details. 

The most important selection criteria are the marks you get on the tests. In addition, the answers given in the questionnaire will also be considered, especially if two or more participants perform similarly in the tests. The actual weighting of the tests, and whether any further criteria also play a role, depends on the degree programme. This information can be found on the website of the degree programme.

Did you take part in the selection procedure? On 15 April 2018, the degree programme will send you your selection results. In addition, you will be issued with a rank number via Studielink. The rank number is based on your results compared with those of all the other participants in the selection procedure. The prospective student with the best results is placed at the top of the ranking, followed by the prospective student with the next-best results and so on.

Is your rank number within the number of places available in the degree programme? If so, on 15 April 2018 you will be immediately offered a place via Studielink in a separate email message. You will then have two weeks in which to accept this place in Studielink.

If your rank number on 15 April is not within the number of places available, you will need to wait to see whether you may still be offered a place because, for example, other participants in the selection procedure decide not to accept their place or fail their final examination.

Refer to the specific degree programme on 15 April to find out your chances of placement. Places that become available will be offered by the AUAS until 15 August at the latest. 

For students with certain disabilities, it may be necessary to make adjustments to the selection procedure or take a particular measure.

Prospective students with dyslexia and other forms of disability that have previously made them eligible for additional testing time do not need to arrange anything in advance. The selection procedure will take account of the required additional testing time.

Do you have a disability that prevents you from participating in the selection procedure as offered? In that case, please contact the student counsellor of the degree programme.

For more information, click on Studying with a disability.

You can enrol for the 2018–2019 academic year from 1 October 2017 to 15 January 2018 at the latest, by completing the step-by-step plan

You are allowed to enrol in a maximum of two degree programmes with an enrolment quota each year. However, the degree programmes Medicine, Oral Hygiene, Physiotherapy and Dentistry do not allow candidates to enrol in another similar degree programme. In other words, you may not enrol in two Physiotherapy programmes, but you may enrol in Physiotherapy and another programme with an enrolment quota. 

For this reason, you should consider another programme as well in case you do not get a place. For these other degree programmes, you must enrol in Studielink no later than 1 May and participate in the compulsory study check

At the AUAS, you can participate in the selection procedure for the same degree programme twice. Please note however that these two attempts are not in the same academic year!

If you have already participated in the previous academic year and were not offered a place, but would still like to enter the degree programme, you can try one more time this year. 
If you are participating in the selection procedure for the degree programme for the first time this year and are not offered a place, then you can try again next year.

Your selection attempts will be recorded in Studielink. If you submit an application in Studielink for enrolment in a degree programme at the AUAS for which you have already used your two selection attempts, you will receive a notification in Studielink stating that your application for enrolment has been denied.

Please note:

  • An application for enrolment in a restricted-intake degree programme which is active after 15 January will count as a selection attempt, even if you do not participate in the selection procedure! If you enrol early (in October or November) but subsequently choose a different degree programme, it is therefore important that you remember to withdraw your enrolment in the intake-restricted degree programme before 15 January.
  • If you have already accepted the place that was offered to you on 15 April (or shortly thereafter), but subsequently find out in June that you did not pass your exams, then you can ask the AUAS to cancel your selection attempt. You must do this as soon as possible, and no later than 1 September.

Published by  Communication 27 November 2017