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Would you like to add a new dimension to your study programme? Expand your area of knowledge or learn something completely different? If so, choose from the range of minors on offer.

The major is the main part of the study programme and contains 210 ECTS (i.e. 3,5 years). The minor is 30 ECTS (i.e. one semester) in which the student can choose a specialization. After successfully finishing both the major and the minor, the student can graduate.

You can specialise either inside or outside your field of study. Do you wish to do a Master’s degree programme at a university? If so, you must pursue a transfer minor.

AUAS students can find all information about the minors in the lemma " Minors" in the A-Z list for students.

International guest students can enroll for a minor as so-called "free-movers" (Fee-paying Visiting Students or Independent Students or Contract Students), meaning they can study for one, at most two semesters without being part of a specific exchange program. (For exchange students other regulations apply. They should contact the international office of the faculty they are going to study at).

  • Students enrolled at institutions within the "Kies Op Maat" (KOM) network can rely on the formal protocols and regulations as stipulated in the KOM policies and procedures manual. Not the students, but the institutions pay for the completed academic minors. Please refer to the list of participating institutions at the bottom of this page.
  • Students enrolled at institutions outside of the KOM network, international students, alumni and students enrolled at private institutions do not automatically meet the eligibility requirements and need to address the AUAS directly to negotiate possible participation. When accepted in the minor, students will have to pay any fee assessed for the minor themselves. AUAS minors charge €2100, - for a 30 ECTS course (€70,- per ECTS).
  • Please take note of the limited number of available slots, students will be registered in order of application.

Check the website www.kiesopmaat.nl for the list of minors at AUAS (Hogeschool van Amsterdam) and a description of the registration procedure to be followed.

Published by  Student Affairs 22 November 2016