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Study load

The first year of this programme gives students 20 contact hours per week. Each year of study includes 42 weeks of teaching. A contact hour is one class of teaching (equal to 50 minutes) in the presence of a lecturer.

'Contact time' includes lectures, tutorials, project supervision and academic counselling, among other things. 


In addition to your contact hours, you are expected to spend around 20 hours working (either alone or with fellow students) on projects and research, assignments, or preparing for classes/exams via self-study.

Binding study advice (BSA)

In the first academic year, you must attain 60 credits from the AUAS. If you attain fewer than 50 credits, the AUAS will issue a negative binding study advice (BSA). This means you will not be able to continue with the programme. Students given a BSA will have a meeting with their study coach to determine whether or not a different study programme might be more suitable for them.

One credit (1 ECTS) represents 28 hours study time. In each academic year 60 credits can be gained. This means a student is expected to spend at least 1680 hours each year studying. This is an average of 40 hours a week, but naturally there will be busier periods of time when additional hours per week must be allotted.

Published by  Faculty of Digital Media and Creative Industries 24 August 2016