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Fashion & Branding

In the programme specialisation Fashion & Branding you learn that a concept forms the foundation of every fashion brand. It influences the designs, the collections, and the communication strategy. You learn how to develop a concept for a fashion brand and to set up and visualise a brand strategy.

The professional products you create include retail concepts, house styles, magazine formats, web concepts, campaigns, events, brand manuals, and forecasting and trend books. Important subjects for Fashion & Branding include design expertise, market research, consumer research, concepts and trends, marketing communication, brand strategies, writing for target groups, 3D design and graphic design.

Study curriculum

After the first semester, which is followed by all foundation students together, the second semester will orient you to the graduation specialisation of Fashion & Branding. You are introduced to products and branding activities such as the analysis of a basic article of clothing, formulating conceptual starting points, trend spotting, putting together a brand manual and presenting a new fashion concept with a 3D presentation.

In the second year you discover what the fashion industry expects from you as a Brander. You begin by conducting consumer research and learning about how to implement targeting and segmentation initiatives. The goal is to develop a commercial fashion environment in which brand and consumer can meet. You will begin training in graphic design and desktop publishing software in order to visualise the concepts you create. In the second semester will put these new skills to work in order to develop your own brand. You will create a strategic marketing plan to launch this brand in the market, a component of which is a campaign.

The third and fourth year are all about developing your personal talents and aptitudes. You will need to find and complete an internship. You will also follow a course specialisation and complete a minor programme. Your choice will depend on the professional perspectives you have in mind: these could include becoming a Brand Strategist (developing and designing a brand strategy), a Concept Developer (developing a brand identity) or a Creative Producer (organising and shaping a communication strategy).

The final semester of your studies is devoted entirely to beginning and finishing your graduation project, which demonstrates your knowledge about fashion and about branding. For Fashion & Branding, this can mean completing an assignment on behalf of a company, or choosing a research subject of your own interest. Both possibilities result in developing a professional branding product for exhibition. 

Published by  Faculty of Digital Media and Creative Industries 24 August 2016