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Fashion & Design

A passion for fashion and creative talent is what you need for the programme specialisation Fashion & Design. AMFI expects a great deal from you, but you get a lot in return. You learn about form, colour, materials and technique, but also about the social, economic and cultural backgrounds to fashion and design. You develop a personal vision of fashion that you develop into clothing and styling concepts.

The professional products you create include garments and complete outfits, research and inspiration books, illustrations, photo shoots and concept presentations. Important subjects for Fashion & Design include concepts and trends, design, draping, fabric knowledge, pattern drawing, developing collections, product actualisation, drawing and visualisation.

Study curriculum

After the first semester, which is followed by all foundation students together, the second semester focuses on your own specialisation of Fashion & Design. Using an historical reference of your choice as inspiration, you design an article of clothing. You make fashion designs in which the use of different materials and technical treatment form important starting points. You also put together your own concept book and design book.

During the second year of your studies, creativity meets with insight into the commercial side of fashion. In the first semester, sustainability returns as a theme in each element of the curriculum. You consider technology and its effects on design, and also conduct experiments within the theme of streetwear. You design a mini-collection, organise a fashion show, and make books about your techniques and your research. In the following semester you delve deeper into work on your personal creative universe with emphasis on textiles, illustration and innovation. You begin to develop a personal design signature.

The third and fourth year are entirely focused on the further development of your own talents and aptitudes. You choose an internship, a course specialisation and a minor programme. Your choices will depend on the professional perspectives you have in mind: these might include becoming an Independent Designer (designing for your own fashion brand), a Designer for the industry (designing garments for a brand or a company), or a Fashion Forecaster (predicting future trends in the fashion industry).

The final semester is devoted to your graduation project, in which you develop a catwalk collection or draw up a trend forecast and build this research into a thesis.

Published by  Faculty of Digital Media and Creative Industries 24 August 2016