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During your study programme you will be introduced to various disciplines including but not limited to marketing, visual analysis, production, purchasing and design. By graduation you will be a specialist in the field of fashion, and you will have a general knowledge in retail, trends and economics. You will know what the fashion industry entails and understand the ways in which design, management and branding are linked together and form the foundation of the fashion industry.

Besides lectures, workshops and toolshops, you will often be involved in complex practical situations. During these practical tasks you will learn to apply your knowledge and to see the relationship between each of the disciplines. Working together with others towards a final result is an important aspect throughout the entire four-year programme.

Exchange programmes, international excursions and guest lecturers ensure highly varied courses in which you are given the opportunity to prepare yourself as broadly as possible for your future work.

You will carry out an internship, nationally or internationally in your third year. During your internship you will be able to put the experience, skills and knowledge you developed in the first phase of the study programme, into practice. Moreover, your teachers, mentors and coaches at AMFI expect you to keep considering yourself and your talents critically and to set targets and goals. Reflecting on your own progress and having dedication to your work are therefore important success factors for your study programme.

AMFI will train you for a job within the commercial fashion industry or related branches. These may be garment manufacturers, fashion brands, textile companies, wholesalers, buying cooperations, consultancy bureaus, fashion designers, magazines, design and styling studios or advertising agencies.

Study coaching

Learning is not just about absorbing facts and being able to recite them, but also about looking critically at your own development and further developing your natural talent. AMFI stimulates you to discover your strong and weak points, and point out to which areas you can give extra attention. To help you give systematic form to this process you will be matched with a study coach who will advise you throughout your studies. 

Published by  Faculty of Digital Media and Creative Industries 6 September 2017