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Year 1

Fashion is a domain in which the various disciplines closely cooperate with each other. Although you will graduate within one of the three AMFI specialisations, you must also be familiar with the other two. Therefore the foundation year will make you familiar with subjects that are important to each of the three specialisations.

Foundation Year

AMFI's foundation year consists of two semesters, each twenty weeks, during which you are introduced to all facets of the fashion world. The first semester is the same for all three graduation specialisations: you learn how to develop a personal vision of the fashion world, and in workshops you make three professional products: a Style Research, an Inspiration Book and a Prototype.

In toolshops you acquire the knowledge and the tools you need to make these products. Courses known as the 'Theoretical Backbone' (abbreviated as TBB) use lectures, talks and films to give you a good picture of the historical, cultural and economic backgrounds of fashion. Each semester concludes with an assessment (an evaluation and judgement) of your portfolio which shows what kind of knowledge and skills you have acquired so far and how you have reflected on your own development.

In the second semester of the first year you will focus mainly on your own specialisation:

Published by  Faculty of Digital Media and Creative Industries 8 September 2017