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Year 3 and 4: flexible programme

During the third and fourth year you will further develop your individual skills, talents and interests. You’ll find and complete an internship and take a specialisation track and a minor. The choices you make in these two years will be keyed to the career path you would like to take after graduation. The final semester will be devoted to your graduation project.

On this page you can read more about internships, specialisation tracks, minors and the graduation phase. 


In your third year you will do a 20-week, full-time internship at a fashion company. AMFI has an excellent and extensive network in the business community that you can draw on, or you can arrange your own suitable internship anywhere in the world.


The specialisation tracks are half-year (one semester) programmes that delve deeper into the knowledge and experience expected of professionals in each of the three graduation profiles.

Fashion & Design

  • Collection (developing a collection inspired by the signature of a designer or brand)

Fashion & Management

  • Make & Buy (creating, developing and purchasing for fashion retail as a buyer and product manager)
  • Fashion Marketing Innovation (exploring consumer tribes related to a company's brand and retail, and developing innovative marketing approaches)
  • International Production (developing commercial, technical and production management skills during a real-world assignment at a company abroad)

Fashion & Branding

  • Brands & Identity (creating and communi­cating a fashion brand identity)
  • Brands & Innovation (developing future scenarios involving producers, products and consumers)

All specialisations

  • iNDiViDUALS (real-world international student brand run by 3rd and 4th-year students that builds experience and prospects in the industry)


Minors are half-year (one semester) pro­grammes in which you deepen or broaden your knowledge. You can do a minor at AMFI or at another institution, provided it has demonstrable relevance to your Fashion Design, Management or Branding programme.

AMFI minors include:

  • Exchange (five-month course of study abroad)
  • Fashion & Visual Culture (analysis and production of images and films)
  • Fashion Marketing Innovation (exploration of innovative marketing strategies)
  • Excellence minor in Fashion Theories (in-depth research into fashion theories)
  • Excellence minor in Fashion & Editorial Branding (launch of new fashion media brands)
  • Fashion & Denim (innovation in denim and jeans, from fabric to brand)
  • Textiles (textile development)
  • 3D Hypercraft (design using 3D pattern techniques)

Read more about Minors at AUAS.


The final semester is devoted to your graduation project. The nature of the project depends on your specialisation:

  • Fashion & Design: write a thesis about a trend forecast or create a fashion collection for the catwalk. 
  • Fashion & Management: write a thesis based on a company assignment or choose your own research subject that is relevant and useful to the fashion world.
  • Fashion & Branding: develop a strategy and create one or more professional branding products for a company or based on a research topic of your choice.


AMFI's unique selling point

iNDiViDUALS minor

In this minor you work with students from all three specialisations to design, produce and communicate a collection together under the iNDiViDUALS label. The programme combines real-world experience and experiment while questioning every aspect of the fashion supply chain in a professional setting. By addressing fashion’s presence in today’s polluting industry, iNDiViDUALS seeks to provide a fertile ground for growing change-makers and aims to become a blueprint brand for the future of sustainable fashion.

Fashion & Editorial Branding minor

In this minor students work together to conceive and launch new fashion media brands. You create everything, from concept to content, combining writing, photo styling and art direction to translate a concept to multiple media channels. This Excellence minor introduces you to every aspect of the fashion publishing business, from brainstorming to production, from design to publication, and from website to launch event. In the second half of the programme, you work within one of the newly created companies to share your new fashion media brand with the world. All products created in this minor are required to meet the standards of the professional fashion publishing world.

Fashion & Visual Culture minor

In the first phase of this minor you will borrow inspiration from a favourite designer to create your own new fashion photographs. In the next phase, you’ll learn how to make short fashion films, this time inspired by young Dutch designers. The minor concludes with an exhibition of the photographs in the byAMFI Statement Store and film screenings at Het Ketelhuis cinema.

Fashion & Denim minor

This minor focuses on the world of denim. Bridging education and business, the curriculum builds craftsmanship skills alongside an understanding of innovation within the industry. If you have a real interest in and passion for denim and can see yourself going on to work in denim development in the industry, this minor is for you.

Published by  Faculty of Digital Media and Creative Industries 22 August 2018