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European School of Physiotherapy

The European School of Physiotherapy is located in a modern building along with three other associated Dutch health science programmes: Occupational Therapy, Exercise Therapy and Nursing. Besides the ESP there is the Dutch Physiotherapy School with over a 1,000 students located in the same building. Next door is the Academic Medical Center Hospital (AMC). The AMC is associated to the Amsterdam Faculty of Health.


Our library offers a wide range of resources in the field of health care. It houses books, journals and DVD's with specialised information from in the medical and associate health science fields. The collection also includes copies of prescribed textbooks and anatomic models.

In addition to printed information sources, the digital library offers databases like Science Direct and PubMed, online journals and other online resources. The digital library can be accessed in school or at home, using your password. Through the online catalogue you can not only find all materials from the collection, you can use it to reserve items or extend the loan period yourself. The librarians offer training (to groups or individually) in the use of digital resources.

The library has a separate silent study area. As a student you can visit other libraries in Amsterdam, such as the libraries of the two medical schools. Your student card allows you to borrow books or other items from every HvA-library and every UVA-library (University of Amsterdam). When needed books from other libraries can be requested for loan.

Other facilities:

  • Practice rooms: for exercise therapy, for electro-therapy, massage therapy and for physiology. All practice rooms have state-of-the art medical and technological equipment, all readily accessible to students.
  • A physiotherapy practice (Polifysiek) where patients are treated, is located in the building. Students can participate in treatment, clinimetrics and group therapy.
  • A well-stocked lending library.
  • A video production studio including equipment such as video cameras and video recorders.
  • Different types of classroom.
  • A well-equiped practical room for practicing skills
  • An International Corner: an area for meeting Dutch students, exchanging ideas and studying together.
  • Several study areas, equipped with desktops, laptop docking stations and wifi.
  • A restaurant.
  • A cafe.
  • A photocopy shop.
Published by  Faculty of Health 9 February 2018