Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences


Definition of quality

The AUAS bases the quality of its education on three factors:

  • Study success rates
  • Student satisfaction
  • Position of alumni in the labour market


Study success rates

The number of students who earn a degree within the agreed period (four years) remained stable at 63% in 2018.


Student satisfaction

Student satisfaction is measured annually in the Dutch National Student Survey, which is conducted among all universities and universities of applied sciences. The general satisfaction of AUAS students with regard to their degree programmes was 68% in 2018.  


Position in the labour market

The position of graduates in the labour market is reflected by the HBO Monitor, an annual independent survey. Based on 2018 figures, some 89% of AUAS graduates find paid employment within three months of graduation. Furthermore, 82% of graduates are employed at the university of applied sciences bachelor level. 

Based on the above data, the AUAS considers the basic quality of its education to be in order. Nevertheless, we devote extra attention to education logistics to help improve student satisfaction and labour market success. 

[reference date: 2018]

Published by  Communication 27 June 2019