Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

Blended working

Blended working means working independently of a workstation, device, time, system or filing cabinet. It involves a combination of working at an AUAS location and working at home or at another location outside the AUAS. So how is this set up at the AUAS?

Facilities for blended working

You can use your AUAS laptop to access all your AUAS programs and files from within and outside the university. Microsoft 365 allows you to work together with others, both inside and outside the AUAS, easily and securely. In order to ensure digital security at all locations, we use a secure connection via VPN and two-factor verification is required for many applications. (Citrix) gives you safe and easy access to all your files and AUAS applications on practically any (personal) device, such as your home computer, smartphone or tablet.


Once your details have been processed by the Personnel and Salary Administration (PSA), you will be issued an AUAS ID. You will receive this at your private email address. Your AUAS ID gives you access to various ICT facilities.


In addition to an AUAS ID, you will also receive an AUAS mailbox and email address. For email, use Outlook (only from your AUAS laptop) or Webmail. For Webmail, go to Webmail and Outlook are linked, which means that your sent and received emails can always be accessed from both systems.


As an employee, you can use your own AUAS ID and password to access the secure wireless network of the AUAS at all AUAS locations. Go to to use this network on your personal smartphone, laptop or tablet.


Your AUAS ID also gives you access to MyAUAS (MijnHvA), a flexible web environment (intranet) that offers all kinds of tools and functions to support learning, teaching, research and work. MyAUAS gives you access to applications such as the Digital Service Point for Employees, the Student Information System (SIS) and Webmail. Among other things, it also has announcements, news items and a link to the A-Z list with practical information.

Software at a reduced price

The ICT web shop SURFspot allows AUAS employees to buy software for their personal computer at a reduced price.

22 July 2021