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Do you have questions about the immigration procedure in the Netherlands? Want to know which steps you need to take? We will guide you through it.

If you want to study at AUAS it is important to know whether you need a residence permit. Find out below whether this is the case.


Please fill in your situation in our Pathfinder tool to see whether you need to undergo the immigration procedure. Do not forget to fill in your nationality in order to receive the correct information.

You only need to undergo the immigration procedure if one of the following categories appear in your personalized results:

  • Residence Permit for Study (TEV)
  • Residence Permit for Study (VVR)


If you need a residence permit AUAS Immigration Affairs will guide you through it and will apply for one on your behalf. You cannot apply for it yourself. AUAS Immigration Affairs will send the immigration procedure e-mail with all the information you need. You will receive this e-mail on the following date:

  • Beginning of May
  • If you have not received an e-mail after 15 May, please contact us.


First of all it is important that you are properly enrolled at AUAS. For more information about enrollment please click here. You do not need to undertake any action before the beginning of May regarding the immigration procedure. However, you can prepare yourself in advance in three ways:

See an overview of the procedure applicable to you by selecting your result on Pathfinder. You can find the overviews on the right side of the page, or for mobile users below this page.

  • Residence Permit for Study TEV: see blue box
  • Residence Permit for Study VVR: see green box

Check the costs page to see which payments are necessary for the immigration procedure and for living in the Netherlands.

The proof of financial means page will inform you about a requirement set by the Dutch Government. It is not a payment, it is only providing proof that you have enough money to sustain yourself here in the Netherlands. This rule is applicable for all universities in the Netherlands. You do not need to take action before May.

Published by  Student Affairs 8 April 2020