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Planning to transfer from your current Dutch University to AUAS? Want more information about rules and deadlines? Please read this website carefully.


If you have a residence permit for study purposes and want to transfer from another University within the Netherlands to AUAS, certain rules and regulations apply. AUAS will become your new educational sponsor and needs to notify the Dutch Immigration Service of your transfer. This page will show the rules and requirements, deadlines and steps you need to undertake. During the application process you will come in contact with mainly two departments: the Central Student Administration and AUAS Immigration Affairs.


There are some rules and requirements in order to transfer to AUAS from your current Dutch university. If you not fulfil one or more of these requirements you are not able to study at AUAS:

  1. You must apply for your study on Studielink before the deadline provided;
  2. You need to fulfil all entry requirements (such as credential evaluation);
  3. You need to submit your credential documents before the deadline;
  4. You must submit all required immigration documents and/ or payments to AUAS Immigration Affairs before the deadline provided. These documents must fulfil all rules and regulations.


Please read the steps carefully that you need to undergo to transfer to AUAS:

  1. Student: Apply at Studielink before the given deadline according to your nationality;
  2. AUAS: Within 48 hours after you apply you will receive an e-mail from the Central Student Administration (CSA);
  3. Student: Submit all required credential evaluations documents to the CSA as soon as possible and not later than the given deadline;
  4. AUAS: You will receive the switcher procedure e-mail from AUAS Immigration Affairs mid-June;
  5. Student: Submit all required immigration documents and payments including tuition fee for the full academic year and the proof of financial means;
  6. AUAS: If your file is complete, AUAS Immigration Affairs will send it to the IND and their processing time can take up to 4-8 weeks;
  7. After approval from the IND you can study legally at AUAS and you will be officially enrolled. If the IND rejects your application you cannot study at AUAS.


There are three deadlines you need to fulfil in order to transfer to AUAS. Even if you are not sure whether you want to transfer you need to apply before these deadlines. You can withdraw your transfer at a later stage, if necessary. If you not make these deadlines you cannot study at AUAS:

  1. You need to apply at Studielink before June 15th
  2. You need to submit all credential evaluation documents to CSA within two weeks after your application on Studielink
  3. You need to submit immigration documents before July 15th


For questions about enrolment, Studielink and credential evaluation please contact the Central Student Administration, see contact form here.

For questions concerning immigration matters, please contact AUAS Immigration Affairs. See contact details here.

Published by  Student Affairs 7 September 2020