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Outgoing exchange

Exchange at one of our partner universities worldwide

An exchange programme is an experience that will give you a taste of a different culture, enables you to meet new people and maybe even learn a new language.

Learning by doing is the central theme in the final two years of our bachelor's programmes. The global exchange in the third year of our bachelor's programmes gives you the unique opportunity to study abroad and experience what it is like to live and study in another country, with different values and habits. It enables you to create a global mindset and global skills.

The faculty of Business and Economics (FBE) has more than 120 outstanding partner universities. Students that wish to study abroad will have to participate in a selection procedure for the allocation of available places. The number of credits and your study results determine your position on the ranking list.

For more details please contact the International Centre at

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Published by  Amsterdam School of International Business 26 September 2021