Amsterdam School of International Business

Year 1

International Business Part-time

International Business is a four-year Bachelor’s degree programme delivered in a part-time format. This means you can start your career and study simultaneously.

The part-time programme International Business at the Amsterdam School of International Business (AMSIB) is taught entirely in English, and teaches you the details of what it means to run a business in an international environment.

Your evening classes consist of lectures, workgroups and self-study. You will also work on projects, by yourself or with fellow-students. Marketing, Law, Human Resource Management and Economics are examples of business related courses. Besides the evening classes, you can take an optional minor and go on an internship, in or outside the Netherlands.


In year 1 you will follow eight modules, such as Principles of Economics, Business English, and Accounting. You will create and deliver an individual self-reflection report comprising of all the modules you followed in year 1, and along with your team, design and present a business plan.

Refer to the course catalogue for detailed information about the courses for this programme.

Published by  Faculty of Business and Economics 8 September 2020