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Life@AMSIB with Thierry

Can you imagine building an igloo and being covered in snow with magnificently tall trees during your exchange study?

18 Mar 2019 10:57 | Amsterdam School of International Business

For this week's Life@AMSIB, meet Thierry, our third-year student who just came back from his exchange study in Finland!

❓Why did you choose to study at AMSIB?

✅I chose mostly for the fact that the Open Day that I attended portrayed some of the activities that I would be doing during my study. like the CCE module and the exchange semester.

❓Why did you choose to study Japanese as your elective?

✅ I have been interested in the Japanese culture for quite some time now, mostly due to the games that I play. And I wanted to know more about the country and I learn the language, or at least give it a try. But I also chose it because it was the most appealing elective to me personally.

❓Why did you choose to do your exchange in Finland?

✅To be honest, because it gave me the opportunity to spend my time abroad with my girlfriend. And I made a deal that she would come along to Japan after our studies if we went to Finland together for exchange study, haha!

❓What’s the biggest difference between the Finnish university and the Dutch university?

✅I think the biggest difference is that deadlines are more flexible in Finland. I feel like the deadlines there are more like guidelines or friendly suggestions. If you miss one, you might get a small penalty. But most lecturers I had will grade your submissions anyhow. Also, I felt like there is a lot less performance pressure.

❓Have you experienced any cultural difference during your exchange study?

✅I was told that the Finns are quite shy, so breaking through their comfort zone to become friends can be difficult sometimes. This does not count for all Finnish people I've met there, but in general, they do not approach other people fast or easily.

❓Have you learned anything new during your exchange study?

✅Well, I mostly learned how to live on my own. Planning meals, doing laundry, making cleaning plans with my roommates and etc. But apart from that, I think I've done quite a good job living on my own for the first time!

❓Would you recommend doing an exchange study in Finland and why?

✅Highly! Finland is an awesome country, with beautiful environment and it's very relaxing. You can also haveamazing student trips to Lapland and Russia!