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AMSIB Welcomes SAM the mascot

12 Aug 2019 14:22 | Amsterdam School of International Business

Winning by a landslide, AMSIB welcomes SAM the mascot! With 28 brainstorm participants, 12 motivated mascot ambassadors, and 230 votes - AMSIB has its very own mascot.

Meet Sam the eagle. This mascot will be the face of AMSIB, and will be our buddy, who will fly alongside our students and lecturers on their journey at AMSIB. 

Sam gives a face, a character, and a personality to AMSIB which strengthens student engagement with AMSIB. 
During a vote arranged in the week of 13th of May, two designs were competing to get elected. It was a race between the eagle and the hawk, where the eagle won with 74% of the votes. 

Sam’s story: 

“Sam the eagle has the focus and control to become a great leader. Sam does not allow the illusion of limitation to stand in the way of reaching our goals. Determined to take on every opportunity together, Sam will help you envision your future and fly with you on your journey. With Sam flying beside you, you can endure anything.” 

At this moment, the designer is working on 20 different poses for the mascot to represent essential milestones in the student journey, such as choosing a university, going on exchange, and graduation. These designs will be shown mostly online but also on in our offline marketing.

We’re excited to see Sam interacting with our students and staff.