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Daniela Schultze, IBL-graduate 2014


Daniela Schultze, graduated in March 2014

Daniela Schultze, originally from Germany, has returned to her home country post-graduation with her newly learned skills in the area of international business. She now works for a German company with an international reach, TEDi, as an assistant of procurement (product diversification).

“Take the extra step; it’s never crowded up ahead.”

Daniela Schultze - IBL-graduate 2014

It is safe to say that Daniela’s early influences in life had something to do with why she chose the Amsterdam School of International Business (AMSIB). Her father is an entrepreneur who exposed her to all aspects of the business from childhood, which first sparked her intrigue for the sector. This, along with having travelled extensively outside of Germany since the age of three (she has visited places such as South Africa, Poland, Ireland, the UK and the US), accentuated her passion for international business. Being able to combine her interest in business, along with a fascination for intercultural immersion and enlightenment, would make for a dream career.

After attending an open day at AMSIB, and speaking with Mrs. Wil Hazelhoff (Director of International Business and Languages), Daniela was convinced that this school would be the place for her. Not only did the academics have a strong focus on collaborating with a conglomeration of international businesses, but the student body was also melting pot – it received students from all corners of the globe. Not to mention where the AMSIB was located: Amsterdam. If there was a place where one could hope to encounter people from all facets of life, it would be Amsterdam. The city boasts a diverse population, comprised of over 170 nationalities.

Over the next couple of years, Daniela thrived in her new community. She followed the International Business and Languages programme, where she selected French and Spanish as her two languages. In order to hone her French proficiency, she completed both her minor and internship in France. Schultze’s last year was dedicated to completing her thesis, creating an intricate export plan to the UK for a pizza company.

With her ambition, extreme discipline, and inspiration from her environment, Daniela was able to graduate from AMSIB in an unprecedented two and a half years. She also counts that day - getting her diploma - as the best moment throughout her years as a student. She considers it to be a symbol, something that fully encapsulates her whole experience at AMSIB. It denotes all of the hard work and dedication she put into making the most of her studies. It reminds her of the life-long solid friendships she had formed with such a varied assortment of people whilst in Amsterdam, and of the journey she continues on in the career of international business.