Hogeschool van Amsterdam

Amsterdam School of International Business

Jesse Abbey, IBMS Fast-Track student


Jesse Abbey’s reasoning for choosing the IBMS fast-track programme was simple: he was looking for a challenge, and was highly motivated to earn his Bachelor of Business Administration within three years.

The most important thing is that you stay motivated, and make the most of the other students’ motivation.

Jesse Abbey - Student IBMS fast-track

In the Netherlands, students who enrol in the IBMS fast-track programme must meet the same requirements as students who wish to study at a university level: either an International Baccalaureate diploma, or a Dutch VWO diploma. As a graduate of an International Baccalaureate programme in Almere, the Netherlands, Jesse is no stranger to a challenging study load.

At 19 years old, Jesse has already gained quite a bit of life experience. Before beginning the fast-track programme, he took a year off to start a business with his friends. Although their business venture wasn’t a success, it’s that same entrepreneurial drive that is helping Jesse to succeed in his studies now at the Amsterdam School of International Business (AMSIB). Although he had first considered a university study, the opportunity to spend a semester abroad, and to gain practical work experience during an internship are part of what eventually drove Jesse to choose the IBMS fast-track programme.

What Jesse really enjoys about studying in the fast-track programme is the atmosphere created in the classroom by the motivation of both the students and the lecturers. Many of the lecturers teaching in the programme played a role in its development, and therefore have a keen interest and dedication to its success.

Perseverance and hard work during the first year and a half of his studies is paying off for Jesse. In just a few months, he is off to New York for an exchange semester at Baruch College.