Hogeschool van Amsterdam

Amsterdam School of International Business

Benthe Gommers, AMSIB student


AMSIB student Bente Gommers

‘When it’s international business you’re after, your place is in Amsterdam. I’m not from around there but I knew early on that I’d study at the Amsterdam School of International Business (AMSIB). During my exchange and my internship I experienced how correct I had been to choose: everybody knows Amsterdam as the international capital of the Netherlands and that opens quite a few doors.’

AMSIB teaches me high level theory but we always apply it to practice.

Benthe Gommers - student

‘Within the walls of AMSIB (former IBS) I also notice the international atmosphere because of the diversity among students as well as teachers. They bring knowledge and experience with them about things in their nations of origin. It’s widened my view and opened my mind to the world. I had a lot less difficulty coping with my semester at the University of Madrid, for one. What I also noticed was how perfectly capable I was of following the discourse at that university, despite my applied sciences background. My grasp of theory was pretty much level with theirs, to be honest.’


‘My internship at the Veldhoven Group in Düsseldorf made it clear to me that the theory I had learned also fit seamlessly with practice. Veldhoven Group is an international fashion company with big brands like Dept, Olsen, Sandwich and Turnover; I did my internship with their Marketing & Finance department. My advice to fellow interns: Just say yes. Take in all the information that’s presented to you and don’t be too good for anything. That hands-on mentality is really appreciated and it gets you ever more responsibilities. Look around too, to see what’s happening at other departments – Sales, for example. Great places to learn.’

International surrounding

‘I also recommend people to do their exchange abroad; do the internship there as well. You build a valuable international network and you teach yourself how to make it anywhere. That flexibility and adaptability will come in most handy when you’re trying to make it in international business.’