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Being new in the city of Amsterdam it can be a challenge to find yourself a room. The International Student Team is not responsible for finding you a room but we can definitely help you finding one.

Therefore we have gathered some relevant information and links to the different housing corperations, Facebook groups, and student campuses.

Please do feel free to contact us if you have any additional questions. You can reach us via email: ist@hva.nl.

There are several factors that play into the amount of rent you will be paying. On average, a month’s worth of rent can be anywhere between 300 to 900 euros for a room. This depends on two main factors, the location and the landlord.

Also, another factor to keep in mind is that most landlords require one-month deposit; however, this can also be up to 2 months if you are looking for an apartment in the city. Furthermore, monthly utility costs are not always included in that price, so your monthly expenses could spike with an additional 100 euros on average.

One thing you should always be on the lookout for is scammers. Some of the advertisements you might stumble upon, if not using an agency, could turn out to be fraudulent. So beware and remember to ask very detailed specific questions when contacting a landlord independently.

Another equally important factor is whether or not the housing you are viewing allows you to register with the municipality using that address. If in your case it does not, then we suggest moving on to your next choice. Living in Amsterdam without a registration will result in a fine after three months as well as a limitation from services such as opening a Dutch bank account.

One option is using an agent through a housing agency, although that comes with additional costs. You will either have to pay your agent a fixed fee of around 250 euros or a full month’s rent and an additional one-month’s rent for a deposit.

Facebook groups are a good alternative to agencies, since they exclude searching fees, although this does introduce a higher risk of scammers; however, if you are cautious you shouldn’t have a problem.

P.S: Allocation depends on registration period.

Published by  Amsterdam School of International Business 14 October 2019

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