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Extended ATM for Seamless Travel (X-TEAM D2D)


X-TEAM D2D project is focused on integrating Air Traffic Management and Urban Air Mobility into an overall multimodal transport network to address the potential increase in efficiency of the overall transportation system in the future, considering the operational domain of the urban and extended urban environment up to a regional extent and passenger-centric perspective.

This paper presents the analysis of the Door to Airport trajectory of business passengers until 2035. The results indicate the system's expected performance in 2035 under normal and disrupted scenarios providing insight on the expected impact of future technologies.

Reference Bagamanova, M., el Makhloufi, A., Mujica Mota, M., Di Vito, V., Valentino Montaquila, R., Cerasuolo, G., Dziugieł, B., Maczka, M., Meincke, P. A., Duca, G., Russo, R., Sangermano, V., Ciaburri, M., Giovannini, S., Brucculeri, L., & Enei, R. (2021). Extended ATM for Seamless Travel (X-TEAM D2D). 189-195. Paper presented at SIMS EUROSIM 2021.
Published by  Centre for Applied Research Economics and Management 23 September 2021

Publication date

Sep 2021


Vittorio Di Vito
Roberto Valentino Montaquila
Giovanni Cerasuolo
Bartosz Dziugieł
Maciej Maczka
Peter A. Meincke
Gabriella Duca
Raffaella Russo
Vittorio Sangermano
Mario Ciaburri
Stefano Giovannini
Luigi Brucculeri
Riccardo Enei


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