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Information security behaviour

The influence of organizational and individual factors


In today’s world, information security is a trending as well as a crucial topic for both individuals and organizations. Experts believe that nothing can guarantee any system’s security unless humans’ information security behavior is taken under consideration.

Opening an e-mail attachment without checking its source, sharing account information with other people and browsing websites without checking its reliability can be considered as common mistakes in information security behavior.

This study examines the factors affecting information security behavior by scrutinising its relationship with different variables which are information knowledge sharing, information security organization policy, the intention of attending information security training and self-efficacy. The present study extensively analyses the data collected from a survey of 630 people ranging from students to managers aged between 15 to 79 in order to generalize the Turkish context.

The results of reliability measures and confirmatory factor analysis support the scale of the study. The present study’s findings show that there is a positive relationship between the factors mentioned above and information security behavior.

Reference Kör, B., Sentürk, T., Uzundönekoglu, S., & Metin, B. (2019). Information security behaviour: The influence of organizational and individual factors. Abstract from Knowledge, Business, and Innovation. Economies and sustainability of future growth”, Verona, Italy.

Publication date

Jun 2019


Taner Sentürk
Serkan Uzundönekoglu
Bilgin Metin

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