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Visual Culture on the Semi-Periphery: Reading the Global/Local in Google Image Results


This edited volume gives voice to pluralised avenues from visual communication and cultural studies regarding the Global South and beyond, including examples from China, India, Cambodia, Brazil, Mexico and numerous other countries.

Defining visual communication and culture as an umbrella term that encompasses imagery studies, the moving image and non-verbal visual communication, the first three chapters of the book describe de-Westernisation discourse as a way to strengthen emic research and the Global South as both a geographical concept and, even more so, a category of diversity and pluralism.

The subsequent regional case study-based chapters draw on various emic theories and methodologies and find a complex arrangement of visuality between sociocultural and sociopolitical practices and institutions.

This book targets a wide range of scholars: academics with expertise in (regional) visual studies as well as researchers, students and practitioners working on the Global South and de-Westernisation.

With contributions by Jan Bajec, Sarah Corona Berkin, Ivana Beveridge, Birgit Breninger, Guo-Ming Chen, Uttaran Dutta, Maria Amália Vargas Façanha, Maria Faust, Hiroko Hara, Thomas Herdin, Thomas Kaltenbacher, Fan Liang, Xin Lu, C.S.H.N.Murthy, Ana Karina de Oliveira Nascimento, Simeona Petkova, Radmila Radojevic, Renata Wojtczak

Reference Bajec , J., Beveridge, I., Petkova, S., & Radojevic, R. (2020). Visual Culture on the Semi-Periphery: Reading the Global/Local in Google Image Results. In T. Herdin, M. Faust, & G.-M. Chen (Eds.), De-Westernizing Visual Communication and Cultures: Perspectives from the Global South (1 ed., pp. 77-98). (Interkulturelle und transkulturelle Kommunikation | Intercultural and Transcultural Communication; Vol. 3). Nomos.

Publication date

Jan 2020


Jan Bajec
Ivana Beveridge
Radmila Radojevic

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