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Month of the AAI | Online festival


GoDataFest, the original festival of data technology, returns in 2020 with an online edition. More than simply a webinar, GoDataFest Live brings together conversations about the latest data technology into one studio-quality stream. GoDataFest is powered by GoDataDriven.

GoDataFest features daily streams with a multitude of sessions focused on one data technology or cloud platform. From fireside chats and presentations to ask-me-anything sessions and customer stories, each session is hosted by seasoned experts.

On November 6th Jurjen Helmus - expert of the Smart Asset Management Lab of HvA's Expertise Centre in Applied Artifiical Intelligence (ECAAI) - will host Open Source. During the open-source day of GoDataFest, we will explore a wide variety of technologies and topics. You will learn about Transfer Learning for Bio Science and backtesting in financial trading. Also, we will discuss the upcoming role of the analytics engineer.

We are excited to bring the people behind DBT (data build tool) and a few of its users together for a conversation about this upcoming tool. On top of this, we will discuss scalable data platforms. Finally, we will explore the challenges of mid-sized organizations to keep up with data-driven enterprises.

About the Expertise Centre Applied Artificial Intelligence

ECAAI encompasses all of the HvA's AI research and education activities. This centre drives the development of applications of AI technology in a responsible and inclusive manner. AI technology and its implications for companies, organisations, governments and people can only be understood in context and through experimentation. Each faculty of the HvA has created a lab that brings research, education and practices together to solve short and middle term challenges in the application of AI. The Smart Asset Management Lab that is part of GoDataFest belongs to the Faculty of Technology.

Get to know the Expertise Centre Applied Artificial Intelligence (ECAAI) of the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences! Launched in January 2020, ECAAI has turned November in the Month of the AAI, in which it will present itself and its labs officially. All activities are listed here.


Start date 06 Nov 2020


09:30 - 12:00


Liza Verheijke (appliedai@hva.nl)