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Track Education @ ICT.OPEN2021

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Education and training is the core business for academics. Industry wants state-of-the-art ICT professionals. This track will facilitate a dialogue on computer science education between Dutch universities, universities of applied sciences, and industry deploying ICT. The track will embrace a broad view of the current and future trends in computing education, including innovation of higher education and innovations for the purpose of lifelong learning.


The programme is divided into three parts. In part 1, an overall setting of the topic is presented. Part 2 is reserved for a discussion on the topic education in ICT for the purpose of life long learning. In part 3, innovations with ICT for higher education will be discussed. In both latter parts, several invited speakers present their vision on the topics, followed by a panel discussion with the speakers.

Track chairs:
Gosia Migut (TU Delft)
Bert Bredeweg (UvA/HvA)
Robert Schuwer (Fontys)


10.40 - 11.10 Data Enhanced Learning! Speaker: Marcus Specht

11.10 - 11.55 // Panel Session 1: Education in ICT for the purpose of life long learning

  • Make IT Work, Reskilling. Speaker: Ronald Klein (HvA)
  • Preparing teachers to teach future adaptive ICT literate lifelong learners. Speaker: Pierre Gorissen
  • The Birds.ai way of lifelong learning. Speaker: Camiel Verschoor

14.00 - 14.45 // Panel Session 2: Innovations with ICT for higher education

  • AI for feedback in online environments for learning. Speaker: Johan Jeuring
  • Data Studio: A co-creation methodology for data projects. Speaker: Nanda Piersma (CoE Applied AI)
  • Professional development in educational innovation using ICT: Mind the instructor. Speaker: Kim Schildkamp

The 9th edition of ICT.OPEN will take place online on Wednesday 10 and Thursday 11 February 2021.

The field of ICT is rapidly developing. There are many open research questions and new opportunities to apply research results to further transform and improve our society. To bring together fundamental ICT research as well as novel and innovative applications of ICT research, the Dutch Research Council (NWO) and the ICT Research Platform for the Netherlands (IPN) are organising the 9th edition of ICT.OPEN. More than 500 scientists from all ICT research disciplines and from ICT industry come together to learn from each other, to share ideas and to expand their network.

The CoE Applied AI encompasses all of the HvA's AI research and education activities. This centre drives the development of applications of AI technology in a responsible and inclusive manner. AI technology and its implications for companies, organisations, governments and people can only be understood in context and through experimentation. Each faculty of the HvA has created a lab that brings research, education and practices together to solve short and middle term challenges in the application of AI.

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10:30 - 15:00