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Meetup Trustworthy Algorithms

Centre of Expertise Applied AI x Amsterdam Data Science


Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Data Science permeate every corner of society. The scientific developments in these areas are rapid and the applications affect all sectors and professions - to a greater or lesser extent - for which the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS) provides education.

AI systems can carry risks, such as bias, and they can also add value by, for example, taking work off your hands. During the meetup Trustworthy Algorithms of the Centre of Expertise Applied AI and Amsterdam Data Science, fair AI systems are the focus. How can we create fair algorithms and how can this translate to actual benefits for all?

In this meetup Civic AI Lab will focus on how to create fair algorithms, while the Responsible AI Lab will discuss how to apply such algorithms in practice.


15:55 | Walk in
16.00 | Talk #1 - Vanja Skoric & Mirthe Dankloff (UvA, ICAI, Civic AI Lab)
16:20 | Q&A
16.30 | Talk #2 - Pascal Wiggers & Hans de Zwart (AUAS, Responsible AI Lab)
16.50 | Q&A
17.00 | Short networking
17:15 | End

It promises to be an interesting afternoon for which the AUAS, UvA and Amsterdam Data Science have joined forces. AUAS' Digital Society School is hosting the event in their clubhouse. So this is an event on location.


Theo Thijssen Building, 1st floor, Wibautstraat 2, 1091 GM Amsterdam

You are cordially invited! Please forward this mailing to others for whom the event is of interest.

Since 1 January 2020, the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences has invested in the development of applied AI research and education in all fields and disciplines. This takes place within our Centre of Expertise Applied Artificial Intelligence. Each faculty has a lab, where research is conducted on the cutting edge of AI and an application area.

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Start date 16 Mar


16:00 - 17:15