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Meetup ADS x Smart Education Lab

Data, Evidence and Good Education


In the coming month (June), Surf will be organizing their yearly month of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in education. As part of this month’s activities, we will host a Meetup with Amsterdam Data Science about:

Data, Evidence, and Good Education

What role should evidence and data play in educational practice? Over the past two decades, educational policymakers in many countries have favored evidence-based educational programs and interventions. They argue that the right use of data could and should improve education. The rapidly evolving fields of learning analytics and educational data mining could bolster this development even further. However, a focus on evidence and data has also met with growing resistance from educational researchers and practitioners. Some argue, for instance, that good education is too context-dependent to generalize findings. Others even claim that good education cannot be measured. During this meetup several scholars will present their engaging views on the relationship between data, evidence, and good education.

Join us on the 8th of June at 16:00!

Will you join us in person? Then meet us at the Digitial Society School💡
Building: Digital Society School
Address: Theo Thijssenhuis, 1st Floor, Wibautstraat 2, Amsterdam
Note: From the Wibautstraat you need to walk through the Kohnstammhuis (KSH) building, then, the Theo Thijssenhuis will be on your right hand, next to the building that has 'Digital Society School' written on it.

Will you join us online? Then meet us in Hopin 💡
Then register here !


Startdatum 08 jun


16:00 - 18:30