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Amsterdam coalition publishes AI special in New Scientist

15 Oct 2020 10:00 | HvA Expertisecentrum Applied Artificial Intelligence

To highlight the importance of AI to a broader public, the Amsterdam coalition ‘AI Technology for People’ has published a special AI edition in the October issue of the popular science magazine New Scientist. The special edition showcases some of the research, teaching and innovation in AI being carried out across the Amsterdam region.

In 2019 seven Amsterdam knowledge institutes, including the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, together with the City of Amsterdam and the Amsterdam Economic Board announced a joint initiative to invest €1 billion euros in the development of responsible AI technologies over the coming ten years. Known as AI technology for people, this partnership focuses on creating research programmes, attracting world-class researchers and equipping students with the latest knowledge of AI in the domains of business, health and citizens.

The special edition of New Scientist beautifully illustrates the innovative character of this partnership by showcasing diverse examples of how artificial intelligence is being developed and applied by the Amsterdam AI coalition. From interviews to features, project descriptions to editorial pieces: the special edition brings together teaching and research and highlights the role of business and government and, of course, the impact of AI technologies on our daily lives. A shared thread in all of the technological innovations currently being developed is the sharp focus on the social, ethical and legal aspects of artificial intelligence.

The Expertise Centre Applied Artificial Intelligence (ECAAI) of Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS) also featured New Scientists special. Our contribution can be found on page 20 and 21. Read the special edition now .

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