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Zeno AI wins the Dutch Applied AI Award 2022

An initiative of AUAS, Computable and De Dataloog

6 Oct 2022 09:00 | HvA Expertisecentrum Applied Artificial Intelligence

Zeno AI was awarded a Dutch Applied AI Award on Wednesday evening, 5 October. WSK Medical's technology helps ENT doctors detect throat cancer in patients at an early stage. This is done during an endoscopy, with Artificial Intelligence providing instant analysis. A great example of humans and technology working together.

The Dutch Applied AI Award is a jury prize and was presented for the third time during the annual Computable Awards. The award, which rewards AI innovations, is an initiative of Computable (the platform for ICT professionals), De Dataloog (the Dutch podcast on data and AI) and the Centre of Expertise Applied Artificial Intelligence of Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. DEARhealth (2020) and BAM Infra Asset Management (2021) preceded Zeno AI as winners.

Image recognition on throat cancer valuable

According to jury president Nanda Piersma, doctors are very happy with the application of WSK Medical. The application of image recognition to throat cancer works and is valuable. ‘The technique has reached a new group of users. ENT doctors have adopted Zeno AI in their daily work. That makes the application unique’, said Piersma, who is scientific director at the Centre of Expertise Applied Artificial Intelligence. ‘In addition, the technology is transparent and user-friendly. We look forward to its further development, so that larger target groups are reached and new AI techniques emerge in this specialism.’

Support for correct decisions

Radboudumc in Nijmegen is the first hospital to use Zeno AI at its outpatient clinic. The AI application immediately starts analysing as soon as an ENT doctor turns on the endoscope. As a result, using Zeno AI can reduce the time to diagnosis from two/three weeks (average waiting time) to the same day. Faster diagnosis of throat cancer enables a faster care plan for patients. Importantly, the technology only makes predictions based on knowledge and thus does not diagnose. Zeno AI supports the ENT doctor in making the right decision, for example when it is not immediately clear what is going on.

Zeno AI is currently going through the process of CE marking (MDR). This assesses not only clinical validation, but in particular the technical architecture and design, as well as traceability and risk management.

Engine of innovation

The Dutch Applied AI Award jury noticed that there is considerable innovation in the techniques behind Artificial Intelligence, creating interesting new applications. Piersma: ‘We see well-developed applications for specialist sectors this year, as well as applications with a broad societal impact.’

The award criteria on which the jury selects focus on the level of application, transparency, and uniqueness of its kind. An AI initiative additionally scores highly if a user is involved in the application. ‘The AI must really add value’, says Piersma. ‘With the Dutch Applied AI Award, we want to actively encourage innovation, so that applications arise that otherwise would not come to fruition.’

The winning 2022 initiative also lands in a nice AI ecosystem - the AI hub Amsterdam - in which Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences participates alongside other knowledge institutions and hospitals in the region.