Amsterdam Research Institute for Societal Innovation


The Amsterdam Research Institute for Societal Innovation (ARISI), is looking for solutions to societal issues in cooperation with scientists, educational bodies and professional practitioners. The ARISI is working actively on societal innovation in urban environments such as Amsterdam, creating the best possible starting point for tomorrow’s professionals.

Emphasis on civil society

Our world and our society are undergoing serious change. There is a clear trend towards greater individualisation, digitalisation, globalisation, decentralisation and more hands-off government. In such a situation, the emphasis on civil society becomes ever greater. A movement towards greater self-determination and voluntarism, de-legalisation and deregulation.

New academic foundations

As society is transformed, professional practice follows, taking on other forms and demanding further development of knowledge. Working on a more just and viable society – core tasks of Social Work and Law at AUAS – demands new academic foundations.

Shaping professional practice

Various research groups within ARISI make a contribution to this civil society by carrying out practice-based research. This means future professionals, studying within the various social, cultural, legal and behavioural bachelor’s and master’s programmes at Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, are well prepared for and able to help shape professional practice within this civil society.

Appropriate answers for a society in flux

Together with or as co-creators with students, alumni, lecturers, professors, researchers, practitioners from the professional field, peer support workers and volunteers, through its research ARISI makes a contribution to finding appropriate answers to issues raised within a society in flux.

9 June 2022